Steely bars

On our customer's selling order, our company provides steely, rolled, and forged bars in the grades of quality steel. We also have got square and hexagonal bars.




We provide free forged forgings. Our company fulfills an order up to 14 customary working days.

Blachy oraz wypałki

Plates and cinders

We provide comprehensive services in the field of cutting the products and plates stoving.

Cięcie stali

Cutting steel services

We cut stainless steel, carbonous steel, and aluminum.


Badania materiałowe

Material testing

We offer comprehensive alloys metal testing in terms of strength and the composition.



Rury grubościenne

Thick-walled tubes

Other than the round bars, we provide a wide range of thick-walled tubes with a diameter of 60,3 mm up to 812 mm and the thickness of the walls from 6,3 mm to 100 mm.

Quality steel – company's sales offer

Our offer provides quality steel adjusted to customer individual requirement. The philosophy of our company is the timeliness of deliveries and our engagement in the production process.


In our offer you can find Fi10 - Fi50 rolled, forged, and pilled bars.

Moreover, our company offers free forged forging in the construction grades, for toughening, and improved thermal. Besides, we have thick-walled tubes in the construction grades (S235J, S355J2H), and the tubes for quenching. We also have construction or quality plates and cinders.


Steel grades in the offer of MTM STAL company:
  • construction steels,
  • steels for toughening,
  • tool steels and high-speed tool steels,
  • steels for carburizing,
  • improved thermal steels.



When planning a good buy, most of all you should pay attention to the steel grade and the employment of steel. The well-fitted chemical formula will help to protect the product against environmental factors and precocious damage. If you are not sure which steel you should choose, we encourage you to contact one of our experts. The offer prepared by professionals gives a guarantee of long product life-span and usability of a construction.


Wholesaler of forged bars

In Tarnowskie Góry - Zagórska 60 street, the place of business premises of MTM STAL, we run a wholesaler of forged bars. Offered products are made from different grades of low-carbon steel and different alloys of steel pręty kute with a diameter of 300 up to 750mm. On the constant sale, among others, we have top quality pilled bars and normalized bars that typify better steel structure. In our forged bars stock, you can find perfect construction and defense product in cost-competitive prices for the entire area.

Technical information


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