Steel bars supplier

MTM STAL company is the prestigious supplier of steel bars, in steel grades such as S355J2, C45, 41CR4, 42CRMO4, 42CRMO4+QT, 18HGT, 16HG/20HG, 18CRNIMO7-6(17HNM), with diameters of 20 up to 650 cm.


Steel bars: square and round

MTM STAL offers top quality, proven internal and external steel bars producers – round and forged. All the products have all the necessary certificates.

3.1. Among the offered products you can find:

  • round steel bars,
  • bars for toughening,
  • pilled bars,
  • colled round steel bars
  • colled flat steel bars,
  • colled quadratic bars.

Technical parameters of the bars

We deliver bars such as:

  • raw, soft annealed, normalized or improved thermal

Available bars lengths:

  • standard commercial length: 3000-6000 mm
  • lengths cut to size,
  • in multiple lengths with a surplus of 10 mm for each cutting


  • mechanical treatment
  • for forging


  • black and raw
  • pilled
  • peeled thanks to lathework services.


Pręty stalowe

Normalized bars

One of the product in our offer are normalized bars. Fine-grained and unified structure, which improves mechanic features and steel machinability, features those bars. Thanks to normalization, those features are more predictable. On sale, among others, we have – available in truckload quantities – normalized forged bars S335.

Forged pilled bars

While rolling long products, such as bars, there is no chance to generate the product with a perfect surface. Mechanic and metallurgic defects, which are caused by a process of rolling or forging, are usually in the European ballparks (EN10221). However, sometimes it is impossible to remove them completely. One the other hand, forged pilled bars are the metallurgical products devoid of the defects mentioned above. On those bars, all the scratches, shallow abruptions, or skin decarburization are removed in the special machine tool, called decorticator. Using different (than rolling or drawing) method of steel processing causes the materials to have better toughness and better technical parameters. What is more, as a result of pilling the steel products, we get steel bars with an almost perfect surface and the most precise diameter. Whereby, pilling the steel does not change original mechanic steel features.

Supplier of rolled, forged, and pilled bars – why us?

As a leading-edge supplier of rolled, forged, and pilled bars we try to fulfill the client's requirements, both: unit and mass production. At the client's disposal, we hand him over ready steel bars compatible with the commission's establishment. We work in Tarnowskie Góry, but we cooperate with clients from the entire Poland.