Technical information

Steel grades and their analogs

Steel grades and their equivalents

In the undermentioned table, we introduce you to the grades of steel.

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Purpose and steel grading

The purpose and classification of steel

These are the parameters characterizing the usefulness of steel in the economy. Their size depends on the alloy composition...

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Types of steel and its purpose

Types of steel and their purpose

Steel division due to chemical properties.

Steel for carburizing: Machines' elements with a required top layer with high...

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Steel hardness

Hardness of steel

Hardness scale of steel.

HB - hardness measured with Brinell's method
HRC - hardness measured with Rockwell's method
HV - hardness measured with Vicker's method
Rm – tensile strength...

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Steel is the material from which machine and construction elements are made of. However, for the material to be fulfilling its function, it must be selected appropriately. We use different steel for the construction of engines and different one for specialized machines. When choosing steel, you should pay attention to the hardness of the steel and its chemical composition. In this category we have described the factors differentiating solected steel. We hope that some piece of the technical information will help you to make the final decision. If you have any doubts, please contact our experts.