Steel grades

Our offer is a broad spectrum of steel grades among which you can find quality steel and construction steel. The products can be used in many major industries such as the construction industry, extraction industry, metallurgical industry, and coal mining industry. Below, you can find the technical specification of steel grades.


Steels for carburizing and carbon steels

Steel for carburizing we get through cementation of construction steel. For carburizing, advised steel is high-quality construction steel with no more than 0.25% content of carbon. The surface of the carbon steel gained in this process is tough, wear-resistant, and resistant to distorting. Big tenacity of core renders the product to be perfect for the elements of gears and clutches. The example of steel for carburizing is 17 HNM STEEL.

Steels for toughening and improved-thermal steels

Steel for toughening is marked by tolerance to dynamic burdens and variations of fiber lengths. The bonus of that steel is quenching vulnerability which is essential for making improved-thermal products. As a result of quenching improved-thermal steel, the mixture of cement and ferrite settles, which makes the steel more sturdy. The use of alloy steels (more expensive version) and carbon steels (cheaper version), is advised for thermal-improvement. More information about steel types and their purpose you can find on the tab page called Technical information.

We are the supplier of quality steel – mostly round bars in grades such as:

  • S355J2
  • C45
  • 42CrMo4
  • 41Cr4
  • 35HGS
  • 18H2N2
  • 17HNM
  • 16MnCr5
  • 20MnCr5
  • 42CrMo4+QT

Currently, in the warehouse, we have got the materials with a diameter of fi 10 up to 650 mm.



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