Supplier of steel forgings

We are the supplier of steel forgings. For the customers, we offer free forged forgings. Products are made for the needs of the extraction industry, railroad industry, and agriculture. The details of the offer are available below.


Free forged steel forgings

Free forged forgings are the other type of steel forgings – the products develop as a result of plastic surface cultivation of metal, by the use of hammer or forming pass. Hammer's swipple comes into contact only with a part of a metal surface. It enables getting different shaped and sized forgings.

Forgings supplier – why us?

We own quite developed machinery park, which let us produce the forgings according to client's request. Our sales force is competent and scrupulous. They will take care of fast order fulfillment. If you have any questions – we are on call.

We fulfill an order up to 14 customary working days.


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